Layout of the Summer Show catalogue 

Today in Studio Impression we worked on the catalogue page layouts. Everyone was assigned a section to complete. My job was to do a template for the image credit pages and after that to work on the three project pages for Studio Inventivity. The image credit template shouldn’t have taken that long but there was a lot of confusion about how to do all the page templates so that they all use the same grid and font sizes etc.

When that was finally done, I moved to the project pages. I had to drop in text about the projects and add process pictures of their work. It wasn’t too difficult to so but when I had to separate each one of the three project pages in two layers (one to print in yellow and the other one to print in black) I started to get a bit frustrated with the pictures. Text boxes where easy but we were supposed to separate also the pictures into layers so that parts of them would print in yellow and other parts in black. After some time of pondering how to do it, I managed to get it done and I think the outcome will look good when it has been printed. We will see on Friday when we will print them 🙂

These are the pages I designed and the two black and withe positives for printing:




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