Summer Show catalogue image credits

Today started working on the image credit page for Studio Inventivity’s section in the Summer Show catalogue. I couldn’t finish it though because there hasn’t yet been a decision about what image we will use to on that page and also the person who made the outcome pages will need to credit the pictures he used. I still started the page and credited the images I used by dropping names into the credit page template that I made on Tuesday. It was an easy job until I noticed that one student hadn’t put his name in the image that he had uploaded for us to use. I needed to investigate.

Inventivity image credits 2b

To find out who’s work it was, I posted a message on the Ba Illustration and Graphic Design Facebook group that we students have. I included the picture in the post with a question asking whose it is. Quite quickly I got an reply to it from someone who thought that the picture probably belonged to a student called Jonathan Collingwood. I was gonna wait until he or someone else can confirm this information but who knows how long that would have taken. So instead I kept investigating. With that name I found his WordPress blog and on the blog there was posts about that project. This confirmed that the picture in fact was his, and I was able to add his name to the image credits. Apparently even graphic design needs some detective skills!






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