Riso and catalogue page experimentation

Today we had a chance to try printing our catalogue page layouts. I had my designs for Inventivity ready to go. I just printed out the positives and I was ready to try how they would look riso printed. The problem was though that the black ink had run out. Luckily, I was still able to print all the yellow layers which would need to be printed before the black layer anyway.

The yellow came out fine for the project 1 page. With the Project 2 page, one picture came out well in yellow and the other one didn’t print at all. The illustration was too light for the riso printer to pick up. The same happened with the background of one illustration on the Project 3 page: the light grey background didn’t print at all, only the illustration on it did. I adjusted those bits to a bit darker grey for the next experiments.

It was a shame that I couldn’t riso print black on top of the yellow like it is meant to be, but my teacher suggested that I would let the yellow print dry completely and then try laser printing black on top of them just to get an idea how it will look. I did that and I discovered that the picture on the Project 3 page actually looked really nice with the black layer printed on top of the backgroundless picture! The yellow and black lines printed on top of each other, plus the misregistration that riso causes, created a sort of highlight effect. It looked nice like that and my teacher thought so too when she saw it.

The unsuccessfully printed picture on the Project 2 page however definitely needs to be darker. Next time I will try with the adjusted positive that I edited.

The Project 1 page which was the only one that came out as it was supposed to probably needs a bit fixing too. I think that it doesn’t have  enough yellow on it. All yellow it has is in the pictures in the bottom of the page. My teacher suggested that I would add a blob of yellow in the top half of the page too. I will do that in InDesign later.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do more experiments with the improved positives because the riso printer run out of masters.  We will get more on Monday or Tuesday. We should also get more black ink on Monday. I must wait until then to try printing the yellow layers again and black on top of them.

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