Printing the Summer Show catalogue 1/2

Today we started finally riso printing the Summer Show catalogue. Unfortunately we could only print the color layers because we were out of black ink. Also not everyone’s designs were ready for printing so that also delayed the process. While we were waiting for the designs to get done, I started working on the image credit pages for the catalogue. I had already done the template before for everyone to use, but nobody had put their information in them. It didn’t really take long to do the credit pages. The only problem was that Angharad and I needed to figure out which picture is whose and what number it is. Some people hadn’t even put their names on the image files when they had uploaded them for us to use, which was annoying. When we had finished the image credit pages, I separated them into color and black layers. Then I just printed them out and they were ready for riso printing!

I had been waiting to print for so long! I couldn’t wait! We started the whole printing process with the Inventivity section. I was so excited to see how all the pages come out and how they look when Finn’s layouts are next to them on the spreads. They looked so nice! I would have loved to see them with the black layer too but hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. I said that I could come back to do the black layer tomorrow. I am just a bit scared of getting confused and printing wrong pages next to each other or something. We all were a bit scared of the printing today because we were using expensive G.F Smith paper and didn’t want to mess it up.  But I am sure it will be fine if we just keep all the positives organized and do a few trials before the real print.

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