Printing the Summer Show catalogue 2/2

Today we finally got to finish printing the riso catalogue. After days of trouble with getting the new black ink, we finally managed to get it. It is unbelievable how many times the delivery company tried unsuccessfully deliver it to us. Luckily today Emily went and picked it up from somewhere.

Before we started printing we still had to print out a few photocopies for some of the black layers. It was a bit annoying because some people hadn’t uploaded their documents correctly to the shared folder and when we printed them out they didn’t match the color layers that we had already done on Tuesday. We had a bit of trouble with that and it delayed the printing process that I had to start figuring out how to print them correctly. Eventually I managed to print them and we could move on with printing.

I was expecting the printing process to take a lot longer than what it did in the end. On Tuesday it took us hours to do the color layers but now we got the black layers done in about 1,5 hours. It probably because on Tuesday there was so much confusion about the layers and everyone’s page layouts. Today we also didn’t need to be changing the color constantly but just print print print with the black ink.

All pages looked so nice when they had a color layer and the black layer printed. We have thought that especially the germ and black looked so nice. I was also very happy about the Inventivity pages that me and Finn had worked on. I couldn’t wait to see the booklet folded and bound.

As soon as we had finished printing I took one of each sheet and folded my own copy. I probably should have waited and let the ink dry properly because it was still a bit wet. It didn’t really matter though, just a tiny bit of ink in my fingers. The catalogue looked really nice bound together. I arranged my copy so that the yellow Inventivity section was on top since that’s the section that I have worked on.

Later I also printed out a mock up cover for it just to also show the cover concept that I came up with. I first printed it on a red paper because I was thinking that it would be nice for the cover to be different color that the first section. But when I tried a yellow paper instead, that looked so much nicer, so I did a yellow cover on yellow pages.

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