Comparing blogging techniques

Today was dedicated for blogging and talking in pairs about our blogging habits. I discussed this with Cecile Genevier who is also in the publishing studio called Ellipsis this year with me. We discovered that our blogging habits are quite similar. We looked at her blog and she showed me one blog post that she liked as an example. That one was called Small magazines, big ambitions. 

She told me that she usually structures her post by starting with what went well or what was good about the topic she is writing about. Then she moves on to what she should have done and what she would do differently if she was to do the same thing again. This is pretty similar to what I do too, although sometimes I may move in a chronological order and comment about each aspect separately.

Cecile said she usually takes images multiple times so that the picture will look nice and have a good lighting etc. She and me both like to always have a header image for each blog post that demonstrates the topic.

Our titling method is a bit different. Usually she titles her posts to a structure NAME OF CLASS: NAME OF BLOG POST. (For example CIP: Kickstarter screen printing). The way that I title mine is just the topic of the blog post written in few enough words to fit on one line in my blog (to keep it looking neat).


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