Looking back & forward

Last year in uni went so fast. I can’t really believe that I am actually starting my 3rd and final year. It was only yesterday when I joined the graphic design course. I remember how nervous I was a year ago this time when I was in the beginning of my first year in the graphic design course after transferring from the theater course. I didn’t know what the others had learned in their first year and how much catching up I would have. Eventually I noticed, however, that I didn’t need to stress, just try to do my best and most of the catching up would happen on the side while working on the projects.

I am proud my journey through last year. I feel like I gave my best and regardless of joining the course later than the others, I still managed to produce work that I am really happy with. I think I put so much time and effort into all the projects that we had in all of the classes and I am just happy that it paid off.

The work that I am especially happy with is Studio Impression’s very first project last year, Publishing Unbound. And since it was my very first project ever in the course, I surprised my self with how happy I was with my outcome. I just had to jump in and follow my instincts.

I also really enjoyed the Collection brief in CIP. I loved designing the magazine and photographing my work for it. I am proud of the magazine that I produced and the photos that I took. I feel like in that brief I had the opportunity to work quite freely and make the outcome reflect myself.

The things I think I can improve in my 3rd year are my research methods for design projects. I need to dig more deeply into the designers, techniques and examples relevant to my work. I also hope to develop my skill in Photoshop and InDesign this year because of their importance in the design industry, as well as, get more experience in using different printing techniques.

My goal for this year is to work hard and put my 100% into everything. My biggest hope is to produce an excellent dissertation and final major project. It will take a lot of work and I know this will a be tough year. But I am sure it will be a lot of fun too. I am very excited for this year! 😀

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