“A bible of print”

On Friday we got our first brief in Studio Ellipsis. It sounds interesting and I am really excited to start working on it. We will be creating a “bible” of printing materials, processes and techniques for which every student will be making 5 pages and a cover for their own copy of the book. With the 5 pages everyone will explore a print technique/process/paper/ink etc that they have researched thoroughly.

I am not sure what will be my topic but I know that there are countless options to choose from. I think laser-cutting or foil-blocking might be interesting processes to look into. I have never tried either before. I love how foil-blocking looks and I would really lie to know how it is done. I think foil-blocking in metallic colors makes everything look so luxurious and expensive. It is a great way to add something extra to the work.

Alistair showed us examples of different books and one of them had an interesting cover/binding solution. I found out that it is called Canadian binding. I think it could be a good method to do my cover for the book since it will be spiral bound and I am really not a fan of that binding method. I might want to cover the spiral binding and the Canadian binding is a good option for that.


I am sure plenty of other interesting ideas will still come up and it will take a while to pin down the topic that I want to experiment and use for my 5 pages. These are just some initial thoughts that I had during the first lesson.

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