Investigating format

On Friday after introducing the 1st brief, we did a workshop studying and analyzing formats of some sample books. I remember we did a similar thing last year as a part of the Anthology project. This time I think we did it in even more detail. It was interesting trying to find out what certain bindings or print methods are called. It was good to be reminded of what the difference of pantone and CMYK colors are. I also learned that the metal binding (see below) that is very similar to spiral binding is called wire-o binding. I have seen that many times in note books especially but I never knew what that was called until now. It makes sense what Alistair said: it is good to study books like this, that way we learn to talk about different formats and techniques with the right terminology.

The first book that I examined was a learning/travel journal called Where Do You Want to Go?. I chose it because I liked the look of the material, its size and the style of its cover. It was funny when I found out that it was meant to be a journal with a note book looking section in the end of it. When I picked it up I didn’t know that’s what it was but it instantly gave me an impression of a notebook. I think it was because of the wire-o binding and notebook size. I also think the uncoated greyboard covers give it a warm feel and the embossing make it look good quality.

The second publication that I studied was a booklet called Made in Italy – Thoughts on Design. I chose it because I liked the metallic bronze color foil-blocking and the silver ink on the cover. I think those together with the deep navy blue make the booklet look really elegant and expensive. I also like the use of different page sizes, although I wasn’t a fan of the plasticy feeling yellow paper stock used for those special pages. I think using different page sizes in one book gives a modern impression.

This book’s binding method was new for me. It is called singer sewn because it looks like it’s sewn with a sewing machine and Singer used to be the most popular sewing machine maker. I think it looks quite neat and tidy.

I think the session was really useful thinking about the first project. I learned many new little things and names of techniques that I have  seen but didn’t know the name of. Also the little booklet that Alistair gave us all that has paper sizes and binding and folding methods explained in it will be a useful source of information for many things. I already used it a few times during the session.

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