Critical & design thinking

Today we had our first core skill workshop. It was led by Ricardo and the theme was critical and design thinking. I was quite interesting actually to determine what those two mean and what is the difference between them.

  • Critical thinking is factual, vertical, rational, objective, convergent, verbal
  • Design thinking is speculative, lateral, emotional, subjective, divergent, visual

What I found interesting was what Ricardo said about creative blocks. He said “if you are always critically thinking, it is easy to get a creative block”. It makes sense to me because I have a tendency to think very critically and logically of everything. I also often have creative blocks, I just get stuck and can’t think of any ideas. It used to be even more of a problem for me but I feel like I have gotten a bit away from that recently. I think last year at uni and constantly doing creative work has helped. But I can really see it now after today’s lesson how critical thinking can be a problem.

We did many tasks during the workshop that tested our critical/design thinking. The most fun was task no. 7. It was to devise an alternative refueling system for the future where there is no petrol stations anymore. It was fun to just gather ridiculous ideas in group and create a really futuristic, out-there concept. I can see how the task required us to use design thinking and not think about limitations or what is really possible and what’s not. See my groups outcome below.

Week 2, task 7


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