National Theatre Posters

Yesterday my group and I went to the National Theater Posters exhibition. It was research for the Summer Show Exhibition which is our first project in the Design Competition class. The exhibition showcased National Theatre’s production posters from the 60s till now. It was smaller than we had expected but we still enjoyed it. The posters were cool.

We also managed to study the exhibition and its identity like the task was. The identity was pretty clear. They had a specific typeface (maybe Helvetica) and color scheme that together created the identity. Type in titles had pink, green, blue and grey rectangles as its background or around it. I really liked the identity and how it was created. I think the rectangles and pastel colors gave the exhibition a modern and light look.

The exhibition posters were categorized by designer and they had been placed in a circle around the room in a chronological order. The posters were framed and they were hanging on the walls. There were also three tables in the middle of the room that also had things at display on them. All posters had labels by the bottom left corner. At both ends pf the room there were a screen showing posters as a video.

They had also done a book which contained pictures of the theater posters. The book was at display on a table in the exhibition and for sale in the book shop downstairs by the front door. The book didn’t have the same identity as the exhibition.

I think the exhibition showed us how a visual identity can be created from really simple graphic elements. I think we could definitely use something like this in the Summer Show exhibition – simple graphic shapes and colors to create a clean and clear identity. I think we should have a handout for sure. It was a bit strange that the poster exhibition didn’t have any kind of handout for visitors. Also there was barely any mention about it anywhere in the National Theatre. It wasn’t well advertised. I don’t think people can find it unless they know that it is there. That is definitely something we must take into consideration in the Summer Show exhibition.

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