Any Amount of Books

I went a bit mad today. I went to a secondhand book shop near Leicester Square and ended up buying books for 50 pounds. The shop was called Any Amount of Books and it buys and sells rare, hard to find and antiquarian editions.

I actually found it by accident. I was mean to go to an artists’ book shop called Tenderbooks but it was very very small and because of that no good. When I realized that I thought that I’d just take a little walk down Charring Cross Road because I remembered once visiting a big proper book shop near there. But before I got to the bigger shop I noticed this interesting looking book shop along the way.

I went in and quite easily found the art section. As a part of a homework task, I was looking for a unique book that’s made of some unusual material or has a interesting binding. After a while I spotted one. The book was called Bruce Nauman : The True Artist. It had an exposed spine on one side and a normal spine on the opposite side. It baffled me at first. It took me a moment to understand how to open it. I thought it was a really cool cover concept. And I also liked the cover design itself too. The book was quite expensive which was a bit of a shame. I took pictures of it at first thinking that I wouldn’t need to buy it, but then I thought that it is so much easier to just look at the book than try to explain it with pictures. So I decided to buy it anyway.

book 1b
Read more about Bruce Nauman : The True Artist in my next blog post.

I spent quite long in the shop and found a few other interesting books too. One book had a carpet cover. That was definitely a unique material, but the design of it inside was not exactly the star example of good design so I didn’t buy it.

But I did find three more books that I did buy. The first one is a book about calligraphy and how to do it. It is called Inkspired : Creating Calligraphy. I always think that calligraphy looks so nice when I see work that utilizes it, so I though that maybe this book could teach me a bit about it.

The two other books I only spotted just when I was on my way to the till. One of them is a book called The Art Directors’ Handbook of Professional Magazine Design: Classic Techniques and Inspirational Approaches. I instantly thought I must have it. I have been thinking about possibly doing a magazine as my final major project so this book would be a perfect source of information for that. It takes the reader through all different aspects of magazine design and shows good examples of everything.

The last book that I got is called Contemporary Graphic Design. It has 560 pages of pictures and quotes from graphic designers. I got it because it seemed like a good source of visual inspiration and I really liked the quotes too.

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