Ink & materials – printed and bound

Today I bound my print experiments together. Quite unbelievably, some of the sheets still hadn’t dried completely. I had them spread out drying for almost 3 days! I had to use a hair dryer for a couple of them before I could bind them. Those were the foil prints, the shiny coated papers and the felt. Only the uncoated sheets had dried completely. For future reference, it is good to know that it can take days to dry depending on the material.

Before binding I also had to trim the sheets. Some of them were bigger or odd shaped and I wanted them all to be A5 size for the book to look neat. I used my greyboard cover for measuring and trimmed the sides of the sheets with a scalpel. A few sheets also needed tape or paper glued on the inside edge so that the stitches won’t rip the thin paper.

I wanted to bind the sheets together by hand with thread. But because I have only couple of times ever bound anything I had to google how to bind single sheets. I found a Youtube tutorial that explained the process clearly. In the beginning I had to repeatedly watch again how to do it but after a while it wasn’t actually that difficult. I think the thread that I used is a bit too thick for bookbinding but it works quite well with the style of this experiment book and the greyboard covers.

Here’s a link to the tutorial that I used: DIY Single Sheet Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon.

It took quite long to finish the whole book but I enjoyed the process of binding it and preparing the sheets for it. Also the letterpress process taught me about the different materials and how ink looks on them. Some materials needed more ink and some less – and some take forever to dry! What I also liked about this task is that I could also practice bookbinding with it. I am really happy with the outcome that I have from this task. 🙂

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