Picture & printing method

This week’s practice task was continuation to the previous task where we had to print an image on 5 different papers. This time the task was to print an image on one kind of paper using 5 different printing methods. It was first difficult to think of 5 different methods that would be accessible to us. First I thought about using normal digital printer, risograph, linocut, screenprinting and stencil but in the end I used monoprinting instead of stencil as the 5th method.

In the beginning of the task I had to choose a picture to print. It would need to be suitable for all 5 methods and I was thinking about linocut and stencil especially. I first took a picture from Google but then changed my mind because I thought that it would be more fun if I’d be printing my own work. So, I spent some time paying with Illustrator and Photoshop and managed to produce a simple silhouette illustration. I was pretty happy with it considering my inexperience with Illustrator and drawing skills in general.

riso illustration A4 single
My silhouette illustration made with combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I thought long about whether I should try to print 2 layers of different colors with each method or just keep it simple and do only black. I did a couple of color mock-ups in Photoshop trying how those two layers would look and also which color I should use with black. I tried black with red, blue, yellow or green since those are the riso colors and, even though they all looked nice, my instinct told me to choose red.

Out of the 5 methods I think I got the best outcomes with screen printing and risograph. The screen print is super sharp and bright and the riso print is sharp too but a bit lower color saturation (partly because of the printing settings that I used). It was a good exercise to refresh my memory about screen printing and riso processes but I don’t feel that I learned much new.

screenprint vs. linocut vs. monoprint

On the contrary, even though the linocut and monoprint outcomes are not as good, it was interesting to experiment with something new. I have done linocut prints in the past but it was about 15 years ago. I felt a bit insecure first about starting to carve the lino sheet and I tried to not cut too much to start with. After a while I started to get the hang of it and was able to do it with more ease. I would definitely like to practice linocut prints more but I feel like it might be a bit too illustrative for me. Or maybe I could first do e.g. a typographic design on a computer and then try to transfer that to a linocut.

The monoprint process is something else if you ask me. I really don’t understand the point of it. The outcomes were messy and the process of tracing the image again and again for each print seems a bit pointless to me. Why not just draw it then? Who knows, maybe with some more research and practice I could get more out of it.

The prints from 5 different methods bound together with a satin lace:

I am happy with my bound outcome. I think the prints inside show well the differences between the different printing processes and the white cover and red lace match the prints. I struggled with the binding because I was too quick to start punching holes into the cover boards and the pages before I properly thought it through how I would need to bind them. However, I think I was able to recover the look of the exterior by wrapping both covers in white paper.

All in all, I am happy with what I managed to do in this task!



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