Illustration workshop with Regular Practice 

On Thurdsay we had a fun drawing workshop with Regular Practice. But it wasn’t just normal drawing but drawing with unusual tools like crunched up paper, forks and twigs. It was a messy workshop. The whole studio room was covered in ink and our paintings were lying everywhere.

The brief was to choose one image and try to draw the same image using different tools and with restricted time. For some we had 2 or 5 or even 10 minuets, and for others only as little as 30 seconds. My favorite tools were twigs and forks! It was difficult to draw with them but I quite like the mark they left on the paper. The idea behind the brief was to just draw and not think too much, just experiment and produce spontaneous material.

It was fun but I struggled a bit especially in the beginning. I don’t really draw often and don’t even really like drawing. So at first I found it difficult to draw the image I had chosen. I went a bit out of the brief and kept changing my image because I didn’t like the drawings I made. Only in the very ending of the workshop I painted a couple of abstract pictures that I liked.

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