Image and type – poster workshop 

Today we had a poster workshop with Regular Practice experimenting with type and the illustrations that we did in the drawing workshop last week. Today we tried to construct a poster using those two elements.

As an introduction for the day Tom shows us a couple of cool aspects about poster layouts. The first one was “activating corners” and the second “sprinkles”. Activating corners is about placing something in the corners that frames the poster space nicely. Sprinkles are little filler punctuations, emojis, shapes, lines or scribbles that are there to fill empty space and create balance. Sprinkles can also be used to activate corners. I found these simple ideas really useful! I have never thought of that or heard about it before but I’m sure that in all my future work I’ll be thinking about sprinkles and corners now:D

The workshop itself was a lot of fun! At first I struggled a bit with starting to play with the type and getting really into it. I feel like sometimes I can get a bit stuck on little things which holds me back from experimenting freely and spontaneously. In my first try I places the word CASS vertically along the edge of the paper. Tom told me that maybe I should try placing the letters a bit more freely. They don’t have to be stuck to any grid. I took his advice and started building the rest of the poster up from there. The poster changed completely. I really like how it turn out after Tom’s advice. I used * symbols as sprinkles to fill the white space and tiny font in the bottom left corner.

I was a bit slow with my designs. We were supposed to try different compositions and different illustrations but when we had only 15 minutes left of experimenting I had only done the poster above and one and a half in addition to that. I wanted to do more but I always get stuck into little details and can’t just leave them how they are. I am a bit of a perfectionist and it is not always good, especially when I should just do do and do and not be too critical. I managed to quickly make one more experiment in the time we had left but I still prefer my first poster to the other ones.


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