Design Competition poster development 1

Last week I started developing poster ideas on my own at the uni library. However I didn’t get far because I had issues with the computer that I was using. Photoshop just kept freezing and I had to restart the computer multiple times. I didn’t even manage to save my work properly, I was only able to take a couple of screen shots.

In these I tried to play with layering like we did in the poster workshop. I also thought that using paint strokes would reflect design and visual communication well. But this is all I managed to do before I got frustrated with the computer and left.

This week we met up to work as a group. Based on our group discussion I started developing posters again. We agreed to use circles and bright pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and black as our colour palette for the proposal. We want the colors to be bright, happy and summery aw well as attract attention and visitors to the summer show.

color scheme1

I started off by playing with just circles but I wasn’t happy with those experiments. I still wanted to experiment with the paint strokes or splashes, so I found a couple of splash images on Google that I decided to use in my designs for now. Then I started trying out things in Photoshop. I combined different colors with a circle in the middle. I am happier with those designs than the first ones. We will put some of them in the test pitch that’s coming up. Then we will hear what the others think.

The type face that we decided to use is called Ailerons and Viktoria found it. Everybody thought it looked cool when she showed it to us. I think it looks modern and clear. It really works in posters especially.

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