Signage & wayfinding research

Last week I did research on wayfinding and signs to get ideas for the summer show exhibition. I found many interesting and inspiring images on Pinterest which gave me an idea about how to direct the visitors to the studios.

For wayfinding, I found these images below. They made me think about the show space and how difficult it will be for the visitors to find their way into our studio rooms. They will need to first find the uni entrance, then the lift or stairs, up to the 2nd floor, and from there to the studio rooms. It is really a shame that we no longer have the Central House building. There it was so easy to direct people to the correct place.

We could tape the way on the floor for them to follow. That would be an idiot proof way to get the visitors where they are supposed to go. If there are visitors from outside the uni, we don’t want them to get lost in our confusing uni building. Also, as our idea is to use colors and shapes to create the identity for the exhibition (like at the National Theater Poster exhibition), this sort of wayfinding solution would go well with that. We could use a different color for each studio and have a board or poster of some kind which explains where each color leads, like the 3rd picture above. This week I presented the idea to my group and they all thought it is a good idea and we should use it in our pitch.

I also found this pictures below about signage. I think we should use something like this outside of the uni entrance and possibly on Whitechapel High St. by the corners of Goulston St. and Old Castle St. Otherwise the uni is quite well hidden and I doubt that many people even notice it when they walk past. And of course we want to bring also the general public in, not just London Met people.

entrance 3

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