Comment form development

When I told my group about the comment wall that I saw at the Photographer’s gallery (link to blog post), they all agreed it is a good idea to include to our summer show pitch. Because it was my idea I started developing forms that people could write their comments on at the summer show.

My first experiment was a landscape A6. I took the speech bubble from Viktoria’s logo experiment. The idea would be that visitors could write the name of the piece on the line and their comment below it. These would come in all the colors that we have in our color palette. I don’t think this version is good enough and that portrait would be better.

comments form

So I moved on to experimenting with a portrait layout. This time I also added titles so that people would understand to write the name of the student and the piece that the feedback is about. The font is Ailerons which is part of the visual identity. I am a bit unsure if it is a good idea to write on top of printed color. Maybe if we provide markers. Pencils may not be dark enough.

My next version is done with the same paint splashes that I used in my poster experiments. That way if we decide to go with my poster. we can have matching comment forms. I like these versions also because in these people don’t have to write on top of a color but still there is color in the form.

Now we’ll just wait and see that feedback we got from all we have so far after the test pitch later this week!

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