Design Competition test pitch & feedback

Today we presented the test pitches to our class mates, Susanna and Regular Practice. Sam and I were chosen to present from your group. I think we pitched well, or well enough at least. After the pitch we got written feedback from all the other groups and the tutors.

I was surprised about some of the feedback. Many people said that we should change the typeface or think about other options. One said that it is slightly too sci-fi. I wonder if they had though that if we didn’t use the word sci-fi in the pitch. We thought it looks modern, stylish and clean. One of the tutors also raised a point about the copyrights of the type and whether we are allowed to use it in the summer show identity.

Most people liked the bright colors but someone said that we should experiment more with other colors. One tutor also said that we should narrow the palette down and only use 2 or 3 colors.

Many people seemed to like the idea of using shapes in the identity. They suggested that we would use the GIF that Katherine created as the basis and develop the identity from there. I think that’s a good idea and we’ll take that on board.

There was some contradicting feedback about the speech bubble logo and the comment wall. Some people liked the logo and some said it’s too cliche and needs expanding. Some people also liked the comment wall idea but one tutor said to be careful about it because it leaves us open for criticism. I still think it’s a good idea because we want feedback. We want to know what people think about our work, and what is a better opportunity for that than the summer show!

All in all we got loads of useful feedback that I am sure will help us to develop further. We already talked about some things with the group and we think we will keep the Ailerons typeface regardless of the negative comments. Also we will definitely keep the comment wall and we will probably develop the shape and color concept further.

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