Design Competition color research

The test pitch feedback said that we should reconsider our color scheme (see above). One said that we have too many colors and we should narrow it down to 2 or 3 colors only. So I started doing some research on color palettes. I know that there is a good book about color called Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color but when I went to the library, it wasn’t there. Someone has taken it out. I was disappointed but of course there is other sources as well.

I found this cool website called It is a color scheme generator. I payed with a bit and noticed it is quite useful. However, it can be also quite confusing. I also found a book called Living Colors at the library. It is a book full of color schemes. I scanned some that I liked. I like the ones that have pastel colors in them and I like the yellows and greens in no. 40. I also like the pink, green, yellow and blue in no. 6.

We have noticed that when we print out anything in the color scheme that we currently have, everything looks completely different on paper than on screen. I don’t like that so I tried to find alternatives for the colors. I think they have to be less florescent colors because the printer obviously can’t print them properly. I found alternatives for the blue in but when I printed them out there was barely any difference between them. On screen you can see the difference.

blue pantones

Because the difference wasn’t even visible, in our group meeting we decided to keep the colors how they are but scratch out the green and black. So, our new color palette is this:

color scheme1

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