Visual research methods

Today we had another core skills workshop. The theme of it was visual research. The way we worked was very hands-on and practical. In groups we chose a location in the Aldgate-Shoreditch-area and documented its imagery, people, people’s conversations, sounds, signage and objects. We also visited the Bishopsgate Institute archives near the Old Spitalfields Market. There we were able to research visuals from the history of the chosen area. In the end of the workshop we curated the material gathered into a visual representation of what we found.

My group chose to investigate the area around the Old Spitalfields Market. We took pictures and audio recording and some of us draw key things from the area. I think this way f working was quite productive. I have never approached a brief this way. I think this method won’t work for every project though, only once about cities and areas when you can go and investigate it. But anyway, the day was quite fun and it was refreshing to try something different.

Some of my research pictures:

My visual responses of the material:

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