Design Competition poster research

After our test pitch I tried to take the feedback on board and develop the poster designs further. The feedback said that we should use more shapes and make that the core of the summer show’s visual identity. To get ideas I went online and started searching for posters that use shapes in them. I found quite a few interesting ones that we could take inspiration from.

One that I love is this poster below. I think it is exactly the style that we want to create for the show. It is colorful, fun, bright, and it stands out.

Also good reference pictures are the ones below. They look bright but light at the same time. I think feeling comes from the color palette and white backgrounds. I also like the use of shapes in them. This style would be great for the show too.


The next set of posters is very simplistic but the boldness and use of colors mane them really strong and effective. I think that these posters are easily noticed anywhere. We could do something like this but use our color palette to create a more summery feeling to it.

Lastly, I love the posters below! If I was doing a poster brief alone, that is what I’d like to create. The posters above aren’t really my style but if that’s what we as a group want to create for this brief I’m absolutely fine with that. But these pictures below are definitely more the style I personally like. They are softer and more sophisticated in a way. I like the purity in them, the layering and the color palettes.

I think this research will help me to move forward with the development and get new ideas. Next I will try to create something in Photoshop to show to he group. I feel we know where to go now after the feedback we got.


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