Design Competition poster development 2

After I did research on posters that consist of geometric shapes and colors, I started trying new ideas in Photoshop. Also as a group we decides to narrow the color scheme down to pink, blue, yellow and black text. I tried to create the designs from rectangles, triangles and squares.

The for the first set of designs below I took inspiration from one o my research pictures that used similar composition of triangles. I think the first one (blue, white, pink) looks too plain. So I tried a yellow background instead, but I think it looks pretty awful. That combination makes me feel sick if I look at it too long. I think the 3rd version is the best out of the three. I feel 3 colors and layering adds depth to it and a bit of white background lightens it up.

I also tried and idea where I repeated the shapes and tried to create a pattern (1st one below). It is ok but not really my style. The next two with vertical block of color are unsuccessful experiments that I don’t like at all. They are way too simple and boring. In the 4th poster I tried to create a shower of colorful squares. I actually like the idea and the experiment but I feel like the realization of the idea isn’t the best it could be. Maybe if the squares were more 3D the design would have more depth and look more professional.

I think the design below is the best by far. It is the clearest and most effective. I tried to create a symmetrical and bold pattern, and I think what I achieved works. I took inspiration again from one of the research pictures that i thought had a lot of potential. I also separated the text from the background so that we can use the design in other material too that we still ned to do with the pitch.


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