Grid workshop

Today we had a core skills grid workshop with Kim. We talked about what grids are, what they do, and what you need to consider when designing them. We first we experimented with grids and layouts manually by cutting and pasting. Later, we moved to the computer room to experiment digitally in InDesign.

In the first part of the workshop Kim gave us a grid and text to work with. The task was to cut out the different pieces of text and lay them out on the grid thinking about type hierarchies. We had to try to make 16 different arrangement and take a picture of each one. I was a bit slow. I didn’t manage to do 16. In these kinds of manual (or maybe any) workshops, I’m always slow in the beginning. For me it is difficult to just start doing without planning. I got a bit quicker after a moment.

Working manually like that is quite different from InDesign. You are restricted to certain material and you can more them easily around. When working digitally I usually become too much of a perfectionist and get stuck on little details. It is quite useful to try to come up with rough layout ideas manually. I don’t think I would have managed to try so many different ones if we weren’t dong it manually. Here’s some examples of what I did:

Th second part of the workshop was done in InDesign. We had to pick one of our blog posts to use as a source of material and try to make 6 different spreads with it. I used my blog post about the poster workshop that we had with Regular Practice a few weeks ago. It has simple images and it’s not too long, so it thought it would be good for this. Again I was a bit slow but I managed to do 4 different layouts. I used a 12 column x 6 row grid, and 5 mm gutters. Kim gave me useful feedback for each of the spreads while I was working on them. I am happy with all of the spreads. I think they all work quite well and the advice that I got helped me a lot to shape them. See below my 4 different spreads of the same content.





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