Regular Practice internship briefing

Today was the first day of the Regular Practice work placements. I didn’t really know what to expect because I wasn’t completely clear about the project that I will be working on with Sasha. I was interested to hear more about it today and get a clear understanding of what it is that we need to do.

My work placement project is to design and build a mobile shop for the Visual Communications at the Cass. The shop will sell students’ limited edition work at the Summer Show and other Cass events. We need to create the shop structure from wood or other material. The structure needs to have a system to display and store the products. The shop also needs to be able to be moved from place to place and kept in storage between use. Maybe wheels on a cart? Or maybe elements that can be assembled and taken apart?

The project is really open. It is up to us what we want to do as long as it works for the brief. We can take it as far as we want and make it really clever and impressive. The more I talked about the project with Regular Practice, the more exciting it seemed and the more enthusiasm I got for the project. Before today I wasn’t sure about designing and building a 3D shop. It is not something that I have tried before. I have only worked on print and publishing projects. But during today’s briefing I started to feel that this might be a really cool opportunity to try something completely different!

After the briefing I did some initial research on mobile/pop-up shop options. I found lots of inspiring pictures on Pinterest. First I looked at carts on wheels that could be easily moved from one place to another. Those need quite a lot of building skills though. I also found other ideas that could be assembled from parts and taken down for storage. I am sure we can come up with something cool when we do even more research and discuss and develop the ideas further.

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