Montage & essay film workshop

Today we had a core skills workshop about essay films and montages. We talked about how montages work and how they create meaning through sequences of images. The workshop was really informative and useful. I never knew what the differences between photo essay, essay film and a montage were.

We also practiced creating a montage in Adobe Premiere. It was advised to use images form our studio projects, so I used images related to the text about the history of London coffeehouses that my visual response will be based on. From the text, I picked the story how Lloyd’s coffeehouse evolved through news circulation and Lloyd’s News to the Lloyd’s of London that still exists today. I tried to arrange the sequence of images in a narrative that shows that development.

The video wasn’t too difficult to make. I have used Premiere a bit before and we didn’t really learn anything new to add to the little I know. Still I think the workshop was good at pointing out an alternative way of working. I probably wouldn’t have otherwise made a video about the history of Lloyd’s. But by putting the visual material into a video format it really connects the pieces and creates meaning between them.

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