Today we had a Hothouse talk by a London based design studio called Kellenberger-White. Their speciality is designing visual identities for exhibitions but they also design typefaces, books, campaigns and websites. I found the talk very interesting considering the Summer Show exhibition project we had before Christmas. It is a shame we didn’t have this talk in the autumn. It was interesting to her her talk about the exhibitions that they have designed and the reasons and inspirations behind the design solutions.

I like how they took the color scheme and materials for the MIMA exhibition from the history and location of the gallery. They used metal for tables inspired by the bridge. And their color scheme was based on the International paint colors used for painting bridges. She said in the end of the talk that when you have a rationale like that behind our choices, the client can’t really argue against it, which I think is a really good general piece of advice!

Exhibition identity for Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art


They also designed an exhibition for the Design Museum celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution. There they drew inspiration from the past, the utopian architecture and unrealized buildings.

Imagine Moscow exhibition at the Design Museum


Another exhibition design that they did was for the Roca gallery and it was about the history of bathing. I think they really captured the essence of bathing there! I think the solutions that we saw in the pictures where genius! There too they used materials related to bathing and sauna: mud, wood, clay. They wanted to stay away from the stereotypical tiles, but instead created an illusion of tiles by drawing the lines on the walls. I can see why they would do that. If the whole space was tiled, it would actually look like the exhibition was is a spa or swim center. By drawing, the space has a reference to a spa but still looks like a modern exhibition space. I also love how they made the tables from tree trunks and by casting.

Soak, Steam, Dream exhibition at Roca London Gallery



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