Montage & sound workshop

On Friday we had a montage and sound workshop. It was continuation to the montage workshop that we had earlier this week. In today’s workshop we looked at how sound can be used in film and montage. I found the workshop really interesting again. I think it was interesting to learn about the different sound categories that film sounds are divided. We talked about sound that comes within the scene like footsteps or typewriter noise versus sound that comes from outside of the scene like music or narration. Also, I find semiotics, connotations, denotations and how meaning and associations are created an intriguing subject.

The second part of the workshop was editing image and sound in Premiere. The teacher had footage for you to work with. I think the process was fun and it was cool to see how much the video changed when we added different sounds and music to it. This time I also felt like I learned a lots about the functions of Premiere. It would have been really good to have a workshop like this when we had to make a video for the Patiche project in CIP last year. Back then I had no clue about Premiere or how to edit sound or image in it.

I took quite long to edit sound for the first experiment because I am a perfectionist and I wanted to make one carefully rather than many quick experiments. But in the end of the class I still had time to try the video with another music. The first one was suspenseful music provided by the teacher. It made the video feel like a detective film. For the second version I downloaded some happy music and bird chirping which gave the video a much lighter and summery feel. See the both versions below:

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