Sketching ideas for visual response

This weekend I worked on ideas for my visual response. We were given the task of doing sketches based on key words and analysis we drew from the texts in the previous lesson (Analysing text with colors). I find the development of literary culture and democracy and the rebelliousness the most interesting themes of the text so I tried to develop my sketches around those.

I struggled to get started because I didn’t know how to transfer the ideas from my head into my sketchbook. One of the methods that I have been thinking about for this project is collage so I went to my nearest tube station and picked up some newspapers. I thought I might be able to do something cool with that related to the news and journalism theme. In my first two sketches I cut and glued bits of newspaper into arrangements. In one of the papers I found different hands. By combining them with columns of text and coffee stains I tried to represent the diversity and news circulation in the coffeehouses. I really like the coffee stains. I think I definitely want to use them in my visual response.

My second sketch explores the same themes in a different way. I cut lines of text and constructed a coffee cup from those on a background that I painted with coffee. I added brown watercolor to the coffee to make it a bit darker. I like the idea of a typographic arrangement too. It looks almost like concrete poetry.

Sketches 1 and 2

I tried to do my next two sketches by drawing even though I never do that and I don’t think of myself as a great illustrator. I found it really difficult to draw what I imagined in my mind. In the 3rd sketch I tried to represent the different social ranks coming together and in the 4th sketch censorship and the King’s opposition towards coffeehouses. I like the ideas behind the sketches but I don’t like the realization of them. If I was to do them as the final response I would use photography or collage instead.

Sketches 3 and 4

In my 5th sketch I went back to the coffee stain idea but tried to combine it with type. Also this time instead of coffee I used ink because coffee on its own is quite pale. I tried painting different keywords from the text (on right) but decided to only use the word “NEWS” for the sketch because it was easy to fit inside the circle. I think using the round stain as the main element of the response would be a interesting idea to explore further too. Also using ink makes the reference to coffee more abstract.

Sketch 5 (on left)

In my 6th sketch I played with type and illustration together. I tried to form a shadow for the coffee mug using some of the keywords again. I like the idea of a shadow representing the underlying themes, I just do not want to do it as an illustration. Maybe a photograph and editing it in Photoshop?

Sketch 6

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