Anthology chapter design development

Yesterday we started the group design part of this year’s Anthology brief. My group has 4 members and our chapter is called “Worlds within Words”. We are pretty happy with that title because we can play with the words on our chapter divider page. Yesterday we concentrated mainly on research. Jubedha searched stuff about grids and me and Vivienne about type and text layouts. We found a book called A Type Primer very useful. It has so much stuff about everything related to type and layout. Vivienne scanned about 30 pages from it so that we can refer to it later too.

Today we started the design process by experimenting in InDesign separately but at the same time communicating through our Facebook chat. We got a lot done today and managed to make decisions about the layout. Through experiments and group chat we determined margins, typefaces, type sizes, leading, paragraph styles and discussed about the chapter divider and colors. While I was working in InDesign I kept taking screenshots and sending them to the group to hear their thoughts. It proved to be a quite efficient way of working.

I think Futura, bold, 30pt looks too heavy for title on the page. I changed it to Futura, medium, all caps, 18pt and I think it looks much more unified with the text and fits better on the page.


I put three different leading experiments next to each other to compare them. I think 12pt is too tight. 13pt looks better, and 14pt is maybe a bit too loose.

I tried different colors for the divider. We could either riso print a color (red, blue, yellow or green) on a white paper or we could print black text on colored paper. I personally think color paper would be better because then we can choose from countless of colors. I also played with the title words and tried to do a typographic arrangement with them.

I am happy with where we got today. We have good ideas now to show to Alistair on Friday and then we can develop from there. We still need to develop the design further and think about paper stocks and printing. We also need to think where we will place everyone’s visual responses. I think in the beginning of each text would be the best but what if the text doesn’t start on an blank spread?

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