Project tutorial with Regular Practice

Yesterday we met Regular Practice at their studio in Hackney Wick for a tutorial. Me and Sasha had both done a lot of research and had a couple of ideas for the shop structure. The tutorial session was helpful and gave us a clear idea which direction we should explore further and what we need to focus on next.

Our two main ideas where a concertina fold panel/shelf. In that idea you could just slot the shelves in and have a lot of shelf space. Also it would be really easy to store, it would take no room. The other idea is a cross-shaped structure that has 4 L-shapes corners to place shelves or hang stuff. That one would b made of pegboard and so the positions of shelves could be easily changed.

Regular Practice thought that the first idea might be too flimsy and easily fall over. But they liked the second idea a lot and encouraged us to explore that more. I like that they liked that idea. It was one of my favorites too when I was researching. We talked a lot about different possibilities and also building g the shop identity maybe around the pegboard material. We could even use the pegboard holes to make a typeface.I feel good about the project and where it is going. I am really excited to work on this idea more and try how we can make it even more exciting. We can combine elements form other research pictures into it and maybe add shelves or a rack or hooks for hanging stuff. There are so many options!

The Regular Practice guys also told us about a online software called SketchUp that we could use to “construct” 3D images of the designs. Or we could make little physical 3D models instead. When I got home I tried to use the software but I found it really confusing and it made me frustrated. I think the software would be an amazing tool to visualize our ideas for this project if only I knew how to use it, but I think I will be building little models instead.

Screenshot of how little I managed to do with SketchUp


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