Pegboard + type

During Thursday’s tutorial we talked about building the shop’s identity more around the pegboards. The Regular Practice guys suggested maybe doing that by using a typeface that replicates pegboard holes or uses them. They had a red book in their studio that they showed us as an example. When I saw it I totally got what they meant. We could easily do that digitally and apply it on printed material like a flag or a sign. On my way back home from their studio I also spotted a green sign at Hackney Wick train station that used a similar idea. In that sign the letter had a little square cutouts. I like that more subtle way or using shapes. Maybe we could apply circle cutout on our typefaces for the shop?

When I went home I researches more ideas about how to utilize the pegboard for type. We could print posters or signs for the shop and attach them with pegs in the corners. Or we could create a typeface with the pegs like on the red book Regular Practice showed us. But instead of printing it, create it directly on the pegboard. That idea though would need a very densely perforated board or a very large board. So I don’t think we can use that idea.

I also found nice little letters which each are attached in a hole in the pegboard. I really like the small square wooden letters on the white board below. We could possibly use numbers like that to write a price under/next to each item that the shop sells.  I don’t think we could use them to write out much longer text because a hole per letter takes a lot of room. An alternative for the wooden squares is the plastic letters below. Those are handy too, but they remind me more of a menu of a café or a office building lobby. Also, would anybody have the patience to write lots of stuff with either kinds of letters if the text needs to be changed when every time the product selection changes?



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