Building miniature models

Today I started developing the shop structure. I made a few sketches first to visualize my ideas. My idea is to laser cut the word SHOP on top of a pegboard. Last week I found these two pictures online that inspired the idea. I think it would be good to have the “sign” as a part of the shop, instead of it being a separate piece/flag/paper. Also, it would be big and visible and make it clear to everybody that it is a shop and not just a display to exhibit the work.

I also thought that we could make a storage compartment at the bottom of the tower. The storage could have doors or drawers or even just be open. But whatever the storage will be, I think it should definitely be a part of the main structure.

After the sketches I started building miniatures with hot glue, card, a pair of scissors and a scalpel. Even though building the structure how I imagine it was a bit difficult, I still had fun and enjoyed my model making session. I tried many different shelf shapes and sizes in this one model. I only did one today because it took quite long, but I think I will try to make more, maybe simpler ones though. I think I need to build more miniature models so that we can compare them and talk what ideas could work. I could next try to build models with the hanging rail idea that we have researched and talked about before.

The structure from back and front. Shelves, laser cut Shop-sign, and double-sides price list hanging from the side.

The Shop-sign on top of the structure.

Storage compartment at the bottom of the structure with doors in the back. Cotton pud heads painted black indicate wheels.

I am happy with the model that I made today. I feel it demonstrate my vision of the shop well. I also found the process of drawing pretty useful. I think I will keep making more sketches because it is much quicker that building models. But I’ll try to make simple models too.

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