Further research for shop structure

After our tutorial with Regular Practice on Thursday, I did more research about different options what we could do with the pegboards.

I found many cool ideas for shelves and from that I realized that the shelves may need so support like in a few of the pictures below. I don’t think just a peg can hold the shelf in place, especially if the item on the shelf is at all heavy. We could use that L-hook system in which the support would be hidden, or wedges like in the picture above where the support wedges are visible but still elegant. I am thinking that the supporting metal wires also used in the pictures below may be a bit too difficult to do or may also make the shelving look to messy. I think simplistic style and less different parts is better. I think the idea of creating shelves from the pegs themselves is quite unique, but is the shelf wide enough for a book? And is it too fiddly?

I also found ideas for hanging systems. Sasha already talked about the idea of using a clothing rail concept as a part of the shop to hang posters. If they hang from a rail they could be easily browsed. I tried to develop that idea and find different ways to apply it to a wall (pegboard). We could either attach a pole parallel to the panel or have it sticking out from it. Or shape it uniquely if we can.

We also talked about a horizontally hanging flag as a sign for the shop. Or we could use a “flag” (could be paper too) as the price list. Again, we could have a pole sticking out horizontally from the side of the structure. I am not sure if a flag is the best format for the shop sign but it might be better for the price list. Or if we have one pole sticking out for posters and also another one for a flag or prices, it may be too many things sticking out. We don’t want customers to hurt themselves by walking into a stick.



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