Visual research for visual response

Today I started doing research based on the feedback given in my tutorial. The feedback was that I should try to stay away from the cliche of coffee stains. I should also be careful that the outcome won’t end up being a pastiche of a old newspaper.

I started looking into the social networking aspect of the text. Back then coffeehouses were the place for social networking and exchanging ideas. Today that happens online, and it’s worldwide. So I researched ways that social networking is represented visually. I found lots of images of vectors and lines representing connections and a network.

What I found the most interesting about my research was a unexpected resemblance between two things – the vector images and foam/bubbles (see below). I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got so excited when I realized this connection! This could be the visual link between social connections and the history of coffee in my visual response. I am not sure yet how I will use this link in my visual response. I will need to do more thinking and develop ideas.

It was these two black and white images above that first made me realize the resemblance.

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