Prototype no. 2

Today I made another miniature model of a possible shop structure. My purpose was to make simpler models than the last one but somehow I ended up making way more elaborate model. Well, it’s ok because I really enjoyed making the little details and finding materials to make them out of.

For this model my inspiration came from these pictures below. I wanted to try to make rail for hanging posters like we have talked before. I also found the third picture before and liked how they used different shapes for the main structure: X-shape, Y-shape and L-shape. I thought that those could be good for the shop too.

First I made a couple of sketches about those ideas. I also thought of T-shape to add to the list. T-shape would work well if the shop was going to be against a wall, otherwise it is a bit silly shape for the shop.

The model I made is Y-shape and has 3 sections between the walls. This time I made tiny props to put on the shelves to give a better image of how it could look. It was fun making the props even though it took some time. I used stuff like, cardboard cut form cereal and other food boxes, elastic bands, staples, and paper. I glued them all on so that they don’t get lost. I filled two out of the three sections but couldn’t be bothered with the 3rd section. At that point I had already spent ours on the thing plus I think that the two sections show the idea well enough.

For this model I made a bit different sign. It would still be laser cut but instead of the letters standing directly on the edge of the pegboard like in the previous model, now I made it stand on a “platform” in the end of a pole. I think the other way may be better though because the sign stands more securely in it. This one would have to be made of a separate piece of wood and then attached on top of the shop. And we don’t want the piece to accidentally fall on someone’s head.


I also tried two different hanging systems: pegs and a metal rail. I think both are feasible options for the real shop, especially the rail. It is a genius method to hang posters. I used metal wire to make the rail and hang the prop posters  on it with staples that I re-shaped into hooks.

This model too has storage space. The last one had doors but I left this one open. I suppose this could have doors too if needed but I wanted to show a different option this time. This kind of open storage could be good because then people could find a copy for themselves after they’ve decided what they want to buy.


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