Pricing: Push tags

We thought about how to price the products sold in the shop. I previously found the picture above and thought those kind of tags would be good for writing prices. They also would take advantage of the peg board concept. But Sasha suggested what if we made the tag bigger so that more writing than a single letter can fit in it? I think that is a genius idea! Those could be easily moved around the peg board and placed anywhere next to a product.

We could also easily create a sticker template than people using the shop later can just print out on a sticker sheet. A sticker could then be placed on the front of a tag and the price can be written by hand quickly even on the day of the event. It is a very effortless method than only requires someone to print out a few sticker sheets with the printed word “PRICE”. No other preparation before the day of the sale would be needed. Each student can just quickly write a number on their tag and place it next to their product. I think this pricing method is much better than any other list, board or labeling could be.

We even came up with a name for this: PUSH TAG. We thought we need a precise word for them that we can use when we talk about them. No need to use long descriptions anymore to just to try to talk about it!

The push tags are easy to make too. We just need to cut loads of squares and attach a peg in the back of them. We can make loads of them too just to have plenty just in case some time in the future there are more products for sale.

I made a couple of mockups to visualize the push tag and how it looks in the peg board:


Push tag: 1. Back, 2. Front & 3. Front with a sticker


price mockup 2
Peg board mockup with push tags.


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