3D benchwork workshop

Today in the morning I did a 3D benchwork workshop. It was an introduction where we got to try some of the machines. I signed up for it because Sasha and I will have to build the Cass mobile shop soon and we will need to know how the machinery works. Also, we wouldn’t even be allowed in the benchwork room if we haven’t done the introduction workshop.

I really enjoyed the workshop. We were given 2 little exercises to practice with. One was with metal and the other with wood. Both involved different machines and techniques. I think the metal exercise was more interesting just because I haven’t worked with metal before so it was completely new for me. I have used the machines involved with wood before. However, that was years and years ago so it was also good to refresh my memory about those. Also they gave us really good health and saftey instructions which I didn’t know before.

In the end of the workshop we also had a chance to ask the teacher for his advise about the Cass mobile shop. We have many ideas but we don’t know what is the best way to build it. Or if it is even possible to build. The advise we got was really good. Now we know more what we can do and what we need to re-think and adjust. One of the main points was that pegboard may not be a viable material for building the structure. Instead we could use plywood and drill holes into it. The positive side of that is that then we can choose where we want the holes and where not.

Metal exercise

During the metal exercise we learned to use many toold and machines. We did marking, cutting, bending and attaching metal sheets together. They have really handy little tools that make cutting and marking and measuring super easy. Before today I would have just gone and measured with a ruler and made a mark on the metal with a pen or marker. But now I know it is even simpler than that.

I thought the way we bent the metal was really cool. It was so effortless and easy. It made me want to explore that more and make cool shapes with it.

The teacher told us about all the different ways of attaching metal to metal. The method that we used was really easy and probably great if practicality is the only aim. But I am not sure if I would like to have those small round marks on a project that is supposed to look nice visually.

Wood exercise

During the exercise with wood we learned about the cutting and sandpapering machines. It didn’t have as many stages as the metal exercise but the stages that we did involved really important safety tips. Without the saftey instructions it would be so easy to cut your finger off or shoot pieces into people’s eyes.

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