Ceramics workshop

This afternoon I did a ceramics workshop. It doesn’t really relate to any of the projects that I am working on but I just wanted to do it because before I used to do ceramics a lot. I actually did it outside of school once a week for 4 years. I really like ceramics but it has been years now since I last did it. I was already familiar with most of the things that we did in the workshop today but I still enjoyed it and it was good to refresh my memory again. I still picked up some new useful tips too. Also, now I know where everything is in the ceramics room and all the policies that I need to follow. I am not sure if I will have a chance to go back and make something. But hopefully I’ll have a spare day sometime when I could go and just make something for the sake of it.

One of the exercises that we did today was casting an apple shape with a pre-made cast. I have only done cups and bowls before. The casting stage was easy but getting the apple out of the cast wasn’t. The wall was really thin and stuck to the cast. My apple split in two when I opened the cast. And when I tried to get the halfs out, they just kept breaking even more. The process was still fun and the whole atmosphere with the group was happy and excited.

I also picked up new ways of extruding shapes that I hadn’t seen before.


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