Anthology cover development

This week I tried to develop my cover design for the Anthology book based on the feedback I got. I am excited to be shortlisted for the cover so I tried to take the feedback on board and apply it as well as I could. The feedback said that the colors and the skyline of the original idea (picture above) where too corporate-like. I was also encouraged to play with the cut out / peeking idea more without having to use actual cut outs and push the constructivist shapes more and maybe pushing the skyline/London idea further. I also should think about more how to represent literature with the cover.

I did experiments and ended up with 3 different development routes this week. I tried using different colors and replacing the geometric shapes with overlapping and layered letters. I stack with the bold text that divided into three lines since the feedback about that was good.

I like something about all the three routes. I like the color combinations in all of them plus the layering and overlapping. In idea 2 I also like the skyline and “cut out” type applied in a new way. What I like about these also is that they can be done with any color if there is a specific preference from the group. I do think though that the title typeface used in the original design and design ideas 1-2 is better than what’s in no. 3. I had to use a different typeface though because I didn’t have the same typeface at home that I used originally at uni. But I can change it at uni and have the same design but the original typeface.




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