Costing & design proposal

This week we had to submit a costing and design plan for Susanna to start asking for funding for the shop from the uni. It wasn’t too difficult to make the PDF since we already know what it is what we are doing and have pretty much finished the designs. We also have do material research long the way and know what we need and how much. I think we managed to make the PDF look good, clear and professional which I am also happy about.

Regular Practice told us to try mocking up products on the shelves in the right scale to see the proportions. When we started doing that we both were very surprised to notice how big the products are compared to to shop structure. Even just an A4 book or poster looks massive! I did not realise that they take so much space. In my head I had imagined there being more room. Well I guess in that case we might do two structures so that if there are lots of products to sell you would have at least the option to use two structures. But I guess is depends on the budget and if it allows us to build two.

Internship_ Hot House Shop Installation-3Internship_ Hot House Shop Installation-4

We decided to both both of the design ideas that we have been considering. Cut out type and movable individual letters. Me and Sasha both really like the cut out shop sign but the feedback has said that we should think out other options instead like the movable type. The sign is the only difference between the two proposals. Proposal 2 is also a bit shorter: since it doesn’t have a sign sitting on top of it it doesn’t need to be so tall.

Internship_ Hot House Shop Installation-6

I was also surprised about the total costing. I thought it would be more. I thought it would be more like 200 pounds per structure. Maybe I have been rounding the prices up in my head when we have done research and estimated the total cost. Now we just have to wait to find out what our budget for material will be.

Internship_ Hot House Shop Installation-7Internship_ Hot House Shop Installation-8

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