Website research

Today I started looking at designers websites and thinking about what I would like my website to look like. Regular Practice gave us the task as preparation for the first workshops. I found some cool things and figure out certain things that I definitely want or don’t want. I already had an idea about what I like but looking at websites just made it stronger.

I like websites that have a grid layout where each project is its own square (examples below). I think that gives a good overview at once of all the projects you have done. I hate just list of project titles. I think it is pointless, you have to open the project page before you have any clue what you’ll find.

I also like lots of white space. I definitely want my website to have a white background and borders around the project squares like the Why Not Associates website above. I like that rather than the Hüman After All or Deep websites where the squares are tightly together.

I also realized that I prefer menu bars that show all the menu items rather than a menu icon that you have to click to reveal a side bar or a drop down menu. I guess the icon is understandable in the mobile view but in desk top browser I think it is nice to see the main menu categories spread out on the page.

On thing that I hadn’t thought about at all but noticed on some websites was a full screen landing page or a slideshow banner. I am not sure about if a landing page like that is necessary. Especially if it is a static landing page like examples below. I suppose it does give focus on the designer before moving on to the work. I like the idea of a slide show flicking through snapshots of your work. Maybe I could combine that with a landing page?

Static landing pages.

Slide show banner at the top of the page.



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