Setting up

Yesterday I started my own website I first bought the hosting from and integrated it into WordPress. It costs me about 20 ponds per year all together which is a pretty good price. And I have been thinking about creating a website for my graphic design work for a while now so I am glad that we have this project brief now. I think it will be useful in the future after we finish uni to have one.

Mail - Your Hosting Welcome Guide for

I am not very good with computers generally but not awful either. But this website thing is a bit past my skills. I can edit it through WordPress but buying it and installing was not easy. I could not have done it without a bit of help. And even editing is a bit of a struggle although I haven’t yet spent too much time on it. I just tried to find a theme to start with but I think I’ll spend more time on it during the next couple of days to develop it further and actually try to make something good out if it. But I am happy that now I have my own site at least and I can start working on it for real.

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