FMP | The idea

I was starting to get really worried about what I would do for my FMP but finally I got an idea! Thank God! I really liked the bubble work that I did for the Anthology project so I started thinking that maybe I could take that further and make the FMP about different natural structures, structures that relate to different seasons.

But I was in Finland over the Easter break and that made me think that maybe I could somehow combine Finland into this. Maybe looking at Finnish seasons? I still need to define my idea into a more considered brief.

But I started looking at anyway images of different seasonal items etc on Instagram to get ideas. All the images that I screenshoted present a some kind of structure when looking at them really close up. Maybe I could develop my FMP into something interesting through use of this kind of items. Maybe in the form of photography? Or scanning like I did with the bubbles? Or collaging maybe? I will have to think about what would be the best method. Anyway, I think I want to put the final imagery into some sort of publication, like a magazine or book.

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