Thinking about the future

This week in Design Competition we had our first workshop for the new brief, Portfolio Ready. We were given a work sheet that had lots of questions about us as practitioners, our work, what we want from the future and what a design portfolio should be like.

Usually I hate that kind of workshops where you have to write down what you are good at and what you are bad at and describe your self with 5 words… I have never seen any point in them. They just make me feel awkward. But this workshop was different, I actually thought it was pretty useful and good. The worksheet wasn’t full of those standard annoying question but questions that actually were useful to think about and important to us right now when we are finishing uni and moving into the industry.

Especially I think the tips about portfolios that Tom gave us are very useful. We noticed that some of the things we thought about portfolios were not in fact correct. This was a good think to realize before starting to make our own portfolios.

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