FMP | Color palettes of the seasons

Today I started looking at the colour palettes of different months. I am thinking that I could do a section for each month or season and only use the relevant colour palette in each section. I tried to find seasonal colour palettes online but it is not easy. Everything that came up was seasonal colours in fashion, not the colours of seasons in nature. But then I realized that I could just find pictures from each month and pick out the colours in Photoshop.

I did a Google image search for each month. At first I just searched generally months but I started thinking that I should do it about Finnish seasons specifically. That would is something personal to me and something that I think I would enjoy working with for my FMP.

Finnish seasons:

In Photoshop I started picking out first the colours of January with the eyedropper tool. It was fun and so easy! I picked out colours from multiple images of to get a more thorough palette.

After selecting a colour I always painted a dot with it on the page. I think it looks pretty good and it is really clear with the reference images next to them. Now I just need to do this for all months and then I can start doing my designs with these colours.

1 fi january

I am happy that I realized that I could do this so easily with the eyedropper tool. I have used it before but only to select a colour to paint over something in a picture. But why not create a colour palette with it straight from a reference image!

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