Shop sign and stencil type

Yesterday me and Sasha developed our ideas further for the shop sign. The feedback from RP said that we need to convince them about the cut out sign if we want to do it. We thought to research different stencil typefaces that we could use in the cut out. In the prototypes we forgot that the little pieces in A, O and P will fall off if it isn’t made into a stencil.

I researched different stencil typefaces and found some cool ones. I like especially the stencils that have random cuts and multiple cuts in them instead of a symmetrical vertical line. I also think that would make the sign more interesting and playful.



Another idea that we got was that maybe we could use a typeface like in the London Met logo and make it into a stencil by ourselves. That would tie the shop to the London Met identity. We don’t know what typeface the logo actually uses but we found some similar typeface: Azo Sans was the most similar that Sasha found.

Microsoft Word - london met typeface.docx

We first tried turning a normal typeface into a stencil typeface in Illustrator but then Sasha got a good idea that if we print out sheets of that typeface we can manually experiment by cutting and gluing. I feel it was good to try that approach too. It gives you a different perspective than just always working on computer. I think we managed to come up with a few good possible ideas.


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