FMP | Inspiration from MagCulture

Today we visited MagCulture. The visit was really good and gave me lots of inspiration for my FMP publication. The talk in the beginning by Jeremy Leslie, founder of MagCulture, was interesting. We learned lots about magazines in general and also about some specific magazine. He also showed us interesting and unusual examples.

After the talk I took a look at the magazines they sell. There were so many cool magazines! I would have bought them all if I could. I  found three that had a style that I really liked: Lodestars Anthology, Athleta Magazine, Cereal Magazine. But they were quite expensive so I only bought Lodestars Anthology and Athleta magazines because they were new to me. I have seen Cereal before too.

I really like their covers. I like the placement of text and image. Also I like the colours and typefaces. I like how all the three magazines have white or really light backgrounds. They all look really clean, expensive, stylish and minimalistic. Inside I also like the text and image layout of Lodestars Anthology and the images of Athleta Magazine. The inside layouts also follow the colour schemes and the same style as the cover and have lots of white space around text. When we were in MagCulture I thought that if I had my own magazine that is exactly how I would like it to look like.


Lodestars Anthology

Athleta Magazine

Cereal Magazine:

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