FMP | Collecting text

I started thinking about what else could I put into my publication in addition to imagery about seasons in Finland. I’d need something to base the images on. That’s when I got the idea. I could ask my grandma to write something, maybe memories or just general thoughts. But as I kept thinking about it the thought changed to my little sisters and my cousin who are 11, 10 and 10 years old. It could be fun to ask what they think about the seasons.

But actually, why not ask everybody. I could collect texts from different age groups to gather a variety or thoughts and memories. I could then make visual responses to those and put the whole texts or parts of them in the publication with the images. I think it would reflect the different Finnish seasons well.

I am excited to see what everyone writes. I have asked them to write in Finnish and I can then translate everything. I think it would be cool to include both the Finnish text and it’s English translation in the publication. So far I have received texts from the kids: my cousin and two sisters. The storied that they wrote are quite funny because the thought just changes randomly from sentence to sentence.


Featured image: Text about Finnish spring by my 10 year old cousin.



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